The Concept Development Team (CDT) was established with the primary task of spearheading two (2) traditional undertakings of CSC-ROI, namely: the Recognition Program and Family Day. Despite the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic and austerity measures, the CDT was able to come-out with strategies and initiatives to ensure the success of their planned activities.

 To start with, the CDT was able to generate its own funds courtesy of generous sponsors so as not to rely entirely on office budget and resources. Moreover, the CDT initiated the sale of “Bakuna” t-shirts in support of the vaccination advocacy and campaign of the government. Through the funds generated, the CDT was able to achieve the following activities:

1)    Purchase of tokens, including a framed Certificate of Loyalty Award from the CSC-RO1 management in addition to the one issued by the Central Office;

2)    Initiated a Christmas Aguinaldo Outreach Program to the DSWD-FO1 “Home for Girls” wherein twenty-one (21) residents, girls aged 8 to 18, were given assorted

Christmas gifts and Jollibee food items.

3)    Supplemented the food provisions during the Recognition and Family Day cum Christmas Program of CSC-RO1.

Of course the focal activity spearheaded by the CDT was the conduct of the Recognition Day and Family Day cum Christmas Program held at the Hall of Learning, new CSC-ROI Building, City of San Fernando, La Union on December 22, 2021. The Loyalty Awardees were treated to a grand time with the conferment of their respective framed Certificate of Loyalty Award, several tokens courtesy of the CDT, presentation of video clips showcasing their loyal service to the Commission spiced with surprise messages from loved ones, friends and co-workers, and a splendid musical serenade rendered by the guest performer, Mr. Ferdinand Sandoval of the La Union National High School.

To culminate the event was the celebration of the Family Day cum Christmas Program highlighted by virtual intermission numbers of CSC-RO1 children and the St. William the Hermit Parish Youth Ministry, live performances of CSC-RO1 talents, group games, exchange of gifts and the distribution of Christmas grocery items courtesy of the top management, not to mention the sumptuous foods and drinks served.

Indeed the efforts and sacrifices of the CDT in planning and spearheading these activities were amply rewarded based on the joy, laughter, and camaraderie pervading the celebration of these events.. To sum it all, the CDT Team leader, in his Closing Message, stated that the ultimate aim of the CDT in these activities is to make everyone happy and bring joy to the hearts of every CSC-RO1 personnel specially during the Yuletide season. It seems that the CDT was successful and was able to actualize and attain its objectives through the meaningful and memorable conduct of the Recognition Program and Family Day cum Christmas Program. For his part, Dir. Lardizabal applauded and congratulated the group for a job well-done.

The members of the 2021 CDT were, as follows:

  1. Dir. Romulo V, Nabua – Team Coach
  2. Walfredo C. Laudencia, Jr. – Team Leader
  3. Cherrie B. Bayuga – Asst. Team Leader
  4. Crizelda S. Aguinaldo
  5. Dolores M. Dieza
  6. Josephine U. Panela
  7. Romel S. Rivera
  8. Medard Angela G. Gacilos
  9. Sherill O.Corgio
  10. Maria Asuncion E. Tuazon
  11. Arve A. Gatchalian
  12. Arsenio D. Corpuz III
  13. Mark Angelo C. Vinzon
  14. Cristian G. Nerveza